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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Engineering Physics (BT-201)
 B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology

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B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


Module 1: Wave nature of particles and the Schrodinger equation (8 lectures) Introduction to Quantum mechanics, Wave nature of Particles, operators ,Time-dependent and timeindependent Schrodinger equation for wavefunction, Application: Particle in a One dimensional Box, Born interpretation, Free-particle wavefunction and wave-packets, vg and vp relation Uncertainty principle.

Module 2: Wave optics (8 lectures) Huygens’ principle, superposition of waves and interference of light by wave front splitting and amplitude splitting; Young’s double slit experiment, Newton’s rings, Michelson interferometer, MachZehnder interferometer.
Farunhofer diffraction from a single slit and a circular aperture, the Rayleigh criterion for limit of resolution and its application to vision; Diffraction gratings and their resolving power.

Module 3: Introduction to solids (8 lectures) Free electron theory of metals, Fermi level of Intrinsic and extrinsic, density of states, Bloch’s theorem for particles in a periodic potential, Kronig-Penney model(no derivation) and origin of energy bands. V-I characteristics of PN junction, Zener diode, Solar Cell, Hall Effec .

Module 4: Lasers (8 lectures) Einstein’s theory of matter radiation interaction and A and B coefficients; amplification of light by population inversion, different types of lasers: gas lasers ( He-Ne, CO2), solid-state lasers(ruby, Neodymium),Properties of laser beams: mono-chromaticity, coherence, directionality and brightness, laser speckles, applications of lasers in science, engineering and medicine. Introduction to Optical fiber, acceptance angle and cone, Numerical aperture, V number, attenuation.

Module 5: Electrostatics in vacuum (8 lectures) Calculation of electric field and electrostatic potential for a charge distribution; Electric displacement, Basic Introduction to Dielectrics, Gradient, Divergence and curl,Stokes’ theorem, Gauss Theorem, Continuity equation for current densities; Maxwell’s equation in vacuum and non-conducting medium; Poynting vector.


List of Experiment

1. To determine the dispersive power of prism.
2. To determine the ʎ of sodium light with the help of newton’s Ring.
3. Resolving Power of Telescope.
4. YDSE (Young’s double slit Experiment).
5. To determine the frequency of AC mains supply.
6. V-I Characteristics of P-N junction diode.
7. To determine the ʎ of diode loses by single slit diffraction.
8. To determine the plank’s constant with the help of photocell.
9. Hall’s effect experiment.
10. Calibration of ammeter by using reference zener diode.
11. To study the effect of temperature on reverse saturation current in P-N junction diode and to determine the energy band gap.
12. To determine the ʎ of sodium by using plane diffraction grating.
13. To determine the prominent lines of mercury source by plane diffraction grating.
14. To determine the numerical aperture of an optical fiber.
15. To determine ʎ of given laser by plane diffraction grating.

Suggested Reference Books

1. A. Ghatak, Optics.
2. O. Svelto, Principles of Lasers.
3. David Griffiths, Introduction to Electrodynamics.
4. D.J. Griffiths, Quantum Mechanics.
5. Halliday & Resnick, Physics.

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