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Friday, July 5, 2019

E Commerce & Governance (IT-504)
 B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology

Course Objectives

 Discuss fundamentals of e-commerce, types and applications.
 Evaluate the role of the major types of information systems in a business environment and their relationship to each other
 Assess the impact of the Internet and Internet technology on business electronic commerce and electronic business
 Identify the major e management challenges for building and using information systems and learn how to find appropriate solutions to those challenges.
 Learn strategies for e-commerce, e government, Wireless Application Protocol, WAP technology and electronic payment system.

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B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


Introduction Definition of Electronic Commerce, Brief history of Ecommerce, e, E-Commerce: technology and prospects, incentives for engaging in electronic commerce, needs of E-Commerce, advantages and disadvantages, , Inter Organizational E-Commerce Intra Organizational E-Commerce, and Consumer to Business Electronic Commerce, Architectural framework ,Impact of E-commerce on business, E-Commerce Models.

Network Infrastructure for E- Commerce Internet and Intranet based E-commerce- Issues, problems and prospects, Network Infrastructure, Network Access Equipments, Broadband telecommunication (ATM, ISDN, FRAME RELAY). Mobile Commerce: Introduction, Wireless Application Protocol, WAP technology, Mobile Information device. Emerging Client Server Security Threats, firewalls & Network Security

: E-Marketplaces, e Procurement and e Payment Systems Define e-Marketplace and Describe their Functions, Explain e-Marketplace types and their features, Describe the various types of auctions and list their characteristics, Discuss the benefits, limitations and impacts of auctions, E-Commerce in the wireless environment, Competition in the DE and impact on industry, Integration and e-Business suits, ERP, eSCM, CRM, e-Procurement definition, processes, methods and benefits , ePayment, Discuss the categories and users of smart cards, Describe payment methods in B2B EC

Electronic Payment System Electronic Payments Overview of Electronics payments, Overview, The SET protocol, Payment Gateway, Digital Token based Electronics payment System, magnetic strip card, E-Checks, Smart Cards, Credit Card, Debit Card based EPS, Emerging financial Instruments, Home Banking, Online Banking.

e-Government Definition of e-Governments, theoretical background of e-governance, issues in e-governance applications, evolution of e-governance, Implementation, E-Government Services, Challenges and Opportunities, EGovernment Benefits, e-governance models- broadcasting, critical flow, comparative analysis, mobilization and lobbying, interactive services / G2C2G.


Books Recommended

1. Ravi Kalakota, Andrew Winston, “Frontiers of Electronic Commerce”, Addison Wesley.
2. Pete Lohsin , John Vacca “Electronic Commerce”, New Age International
3. Goel, Ritendra “E-commerce”, New Age International
4. Laudon, “E-Commerce: Business, Technology, Society”, Pearson Education
5. Bajaj and Nag, “E-Commerce the cutting edge of Business”, TMH
6. Turban, “Electronic Commerce 2004: A Managerial Perspective”, Pearson Education
7. Denieal Amor, “ The E-Business Revolution”, Addision Wesley
8. Diwan, Sharma, “E-Commerce” Excel
9. J. Satyanarayan, “E-government: The science of the possible”, PHI Learning Private Limited
10. C.S.R. Prabhu, “E-governence: concept and case study”, PHI Learning Private Limited

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:
 understand the e-business concepts.
 understand the e-business models and infrastructure.
 learn how e-business concepts are applied to different fields, such as: education, banking, tourism and so on.
 will come up with online business ideas and will be motivated to apply what they learned.

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