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Friday, July 5, 2019

Mechanical Vibration (ME-502)
 B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology

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B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


Fundamental Aspects of Vibrations: Vibration, main causes, advantages and disadvantages; engineering applications of vibration and noise; vector method of representing harmonic motion; characteristics of vibration, harmonic analysis and beats phenomenon, work done by harmonic forces on harmonic motion; periodic, non- harmonic functions- Fourier series analysis; evaluation of coefficients of Fourier series; elements of vibratory system; lumped and distributed parameter systems. Undamped Free Vibrations: Derivation of differential equation of motion: the energy method, the method based on Newton’s second law of motion, and Rayleigh’s method. Solution of differential equation of motion: Natural frequency of vibration. Systems involving angular oscillations: the compound pendulum.

Damped Free Vibrations: Viscous damping: coefficient of damping; damping ratio; under damped, over damped and critically damped systems; logarithmic decrement; frequency of damped free vibration; Coulomb or dry friction damping; frequency, decay rate and comparison of viscous and Coulomb damping; solid and structural damping; slip or interfacial damping.

Harmonically excited Vibration: One degree of freedom- forced harmonic vibration; vector representation of forces; excitation due to rotating and reciprocating unbalance; vibration Isolation, force and motion transmissibility; absolute and relative motion of mass (Seismic Instruments ). Whirling Motion and Critical Speed : Whirling motion and Critical speed : Definitions and significance. Critical speed of a vertical , light flexible shaft with single rotor : with and without damping . Critical speed of a shaft carrying multiple discs (without damping ), Secondary critical speed.

Systems With Two Degrees of Freedom : Un-damped free vibration of 2 d.o.f and Principal modes of vibration; torsion vibrations; Forced, Un-damped vibrations with harmonic excitation ; Coordinate coupling; Dynamic vibration absorber; torsion Vibration Absorber; Pendulum type of dynamic vibration.

Noise Engineering Subjective response of sound: Frequency and sound dependent human response; the decibel scale; relationship between, sound pressure level (SPL), sound power level and sound intensity scale; relationship between addition, subtraction and averaging, sound spectra and Octave band analysis; loudness; weighting networks; equivalent sound level, auditory effects of noise; hazardous noise, exposure due to machines and equipments; hearing conservation and damage risk criteria, daily noise doze.
Noise: Sources, Isolation and Control: Major sources of noise on road and in industries, noise due to construction equipments and domestic appliances, industrial noise control, strategiesnoise control at source (with or without sound enclosures), noise control along the path (with or without partitions and acoustic barriers ); noise control at the receiver, ear defenders, earplugs, semi-insert protectors.


Books Recommended

1. Ambekar A.G.,’ Mechanical Vibrations and Noise Engineering; PHI
2. Meirovitch Leonard; Element of Vibration Analysis; TMH
3. Dukikipati RV Srinivas J Text book of Mechanical Vibrations; PHI
4. Kelly SG and kudari SK; Mechanical Vibrations; Schaum Series;TMH
5. Thomson , W.T., Theory of Vibration with Applications , C.B.S Pub & distributors .
6. Singiresu Rao, ‘Mechanical Vibrations , Pearson Education .
7. G.K. Grover, ‘ Mechanical Vibration , Nem chand and Bross , Roorkee

List of experiments

1.To find out effect of load on natural frequency of vibrations of a lever pin supported at one end carrying adjustable load on a vertical screwed bar and spring supported at some intermediate point (i) When the dead weight of rods is neglected and (ii) when their dead weight is taken into account .
2. To find out frequency of damped free vibration and rate of decay of vibration-amplitude in the system.
3. To find out natural frequency and damped free frequency of a torsion pendulum and , hence to find out coefficient of damping of the oil ;
4. To observe the phenomenon of ‘whirl’ in a horizontal light shaft and to determine the critical speed of the shaft.
5. To observe the mode shapes of a spring-connected, double pendulum and hence to demonstrate the phenomenon of beats.
6. To demonstrate the principle of tuned Undamped Dynamic Vibration Absorber and to determine the effect of mass-ratio (of main and auxiliary mass) on the spread of the resulting natural frequencies;
7. To take measurements of sound Pressure Level (SPL) and to carry out octave band analysis of a machine using Noise Level Meter.

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