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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Introduction to MATLAB, Scilab/Web Design (IT-406)
 B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology

Course Objective:

To familiarize students with open source academic software like Scilab or licensed software like Matlab to carryout experiments in various fields in due course like computer graphics and multimedia, soft-computing, image processing, data mining etc. Experimental works in web design will enable students to design web pages and develop web based projects.

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B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


Introduction to MATLAB/SciLab
Installing MATLAB/SciLab Under windows/linux, Basics of MATLAB programming, Data Types, Creating variables, comments, multiline comments, Array operations in MATLAB/Scilab, Loops and execution control statements, inbuilt mathematical functions, Working with files: Scripts and Functions, Plotting and program output, overview of various toolboxes, introduction to Matlab simulink.

Introduction to Web Design
Introduction, Elements, Tags, Attributes, Paragraph, Headings, Line Breaks, Horizontal Rule, Lists, Formatting, Color Codes, Font, Text Links, Email, Images, Image Link, Forms, Table, Frames, Comments, Music Codes, Video Codes, Div, DHTML: Cascading Style Sheet Introduction, Types of CSS, Selectors (Tags), Class and Id with the Selectors, CSS Background & Color, CSS Text, CSS Font, CSS Border, CSS Padding.


Books Recommended

1. Fausett L.V. (2007) Applied Numerical Analysis Using MATLAB, 2nd Ed., Pearson Education
2. Chapra S.C. and Canale R.P. (2006) Numerical Methods for Engineers, 5th Ed., McGraw Hill
3. N.P. Gopalan, “Web Technology”, PHI.
4. Ivan Bayross, “HTML, JavaScript, DHTML and PHP”, BPB Publication.

Suggested List of Experiments/ program

1. Write your first Matlab/Scilab program.
2. Extract an individual element of an array
3. Write Matlab/Scilab program to illustrate loops and control statements.
4. Create a simple plot.
5. Name the title, axes title of the plot.
6. Create a webpage with HTML describing your department on following points: Use paragraph and list tags. Apply various colors to suitably distinguish key words. Also apply font styling like italics, underline and two other fonts to words you find appropriate. Also use header tags.
7. Create a web page using HTML for following: Create a table to show your class timetable. Use tables to provide layout to your HTML page describing your university infrastructure.

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