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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Strength of Materials (CE-305)
 B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology

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B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


Simple Stress and Strains: Concept of Elastic body stress and Strain, Hooke’s law, Various types of stress and strains, Elastic constants, Stresses in compound bars, composite and tapering bars, Temperature stresses. Complex Stress and Strains- Two dimensional and three dimensional stress system. Normal and tangential stresses, Principal Planes, Principal Stresses and Strains, Mohr’s circle of stresses.

Bending and Shearing Stresses: Theory of simple bending, Concept of pure bending and bending stress, Equation of bending, Neutral axis, Section-Modulus, Differential equation of the elastic curve, Determination of bending stresses in simply supported, Cantilever and Overhanging beams subjected to point load and uniformly distributed loading, Bending stress distribution across a section of beam, Shearing Stress and shear stress distribution across a section in Beams.

Determination of Slope and Deflection of beams by Double Integration Method, Macaulay’s Method, Area Moment Method, Conjugate Beam Method, and Strain Energy Method, Castiglione’s Method, and Unit Load Method.

Columns and Struts: Theory of columns,Slenderness ratio, Direct and bending stresses in short columns, Kern of a section. Buckling and stability, Euler’s buckling/crippling load for columns with different end conditions, Rankin’s formula, Eccentric loads and the Secant formulaImperfections in columns. Thin Pressure Vessels: cylinders and spheres. Stress due to internal pressure, Change in diameter and volume. Theories of failure.

Torsion of Shafts: Concept of pure torsion, Torsion equation, Determination of shear stress and angle of twist of shafts of circular section, Torsion of solid and hollow circular shafts, Analyses of problems based on combined Bending and Torsion. Unsymmetrical Bending: Principal moment of Inertia, Product of Inertia, Bending of a beam in a plane which is not a plane of, symmetry. Shear center; Curved beams: Pure bending of curved beams of rectangular, circular and trapezoidal sections, Stress distribution and position of neutral axis.


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List of Practical

1. Study of Universal testing machine
2. To determine the compressive and tensile strength of materials.
3. To determine the Brinell hardness of materials.
4. To determine the Rockwell hardness of materials
5. To determine the toughness of the materials.
6. To determine the stiffness of the spring.
7. To determine the deflection of beam by the use of deflection-beam apparatus.

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