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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Transportation Engineering-I (CE-404)
 B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology

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B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


Introduction, Tractive resistances & Permanent way : Principles of Transportation, transportation by Roads, railways, Airways, Waterways, their importance and limitations. Route Surveys and alignment, railway track, development and gauges. Hauling capacity and tractive effort.
1. Rails: types, welding of rails, wear and tear of rails, rail creep.
2. Sleepers: types and comparison, requirement of a good sleeper, sleeper density.
3. Rail fastenings: types, Fish plates, fish bolts, spikes, bearing plates, chain keys, check and guard rails.
4. Ballast: Requirement of good ballast, various materials used as ballast, quantity of ballast. Different methods of plate laying, material trains, and calculation of materials required, relaying of track

Geometric Design ; Station & Yards; Points and Crossings & Signaling and interlocking : Formation, cross sections, Super elevation, Equilibrium, Cant and cant deficiency, various curves, speed on curves. Types locations, general equipments, layouts, marshalling yards. Definition, layout details, design of simple turnouts. Types of signals in stations and yards, principles of signaling and inter-locking.

Bridge Site Investigation and Planning ; Loading Standards & Component parts: Selection of site, alignment, collection of bridge design data : essential surveys, hydraulic design, scour depth of bridge foundation, Economical span, clearance, afflux, type of road & railway bridges : Design loads and forces, Impact factor, Indian loading standards for Railways Bridges and Highway Bridges. Bridge super structure and sub-structures, abutments, piers, wing walls, return walls, approaches, floors & flooring system, choice of super structure.

Bridge Foundations, Construction, Testing and Strengthening of Bridges: Different types of foundation: piles and wells, sinking of wells, coffer-dams. Choice of bridges and choice of materials, details of construction underwater and above water, sheet piles coffer dams, Erection of bridges, girders, equipments and plants, inspection and data collection, strengthening of bridges, Bridge failure.

Tunnels: 1. Selection of route, Engineering surveys, alignment, shape and size of tunnel, bridge action, pressure relief phenomenon, Tunnel approaches, Shafts, pilot shafts.
2. Construction of tunnels in soft soil, hard soil and rock. Different types of lining, methods of lining. Mucking operation, Drainage and ventilation. Examples of existing important tunnels in India and abroad.


Books Recommended

1.Chakraborty and Das; Principles of transportation engineering; PHI
2.Rangwala SC; Railway Engineering; Charotar Publication House, Anand
3.Rangwala SC; Bridge Engineering; Charotar Publication House, Anand
4.Ponnuswamy; Bridge Engineering; TMH
5.Railway Engineering by Arora & Saxena - Dhanpat Rai & Sons
6.Railway Track by K.F. Antia
7.Principles and Practice of Bridge Engineering S.P. Bindra - Dhanpat Rai & Sons
8.Bridge Engineering - J.S. Alagia - Charotar Publication House, Anand
9.Railway, Bridges & Tunnels by Dr. S.C. Saxena
10.Harbour, Docks & Tunnel Engineering - R. Srinivasan
11.Essentials of Bridge Engg. By I.J. Victor; Relevant IS & IRS codes

Transpotation Engineering Lab - I

1. Collection of different types of photographs showing
a. Various bridge types
b. Rail tracks
c. Tunnels
2. Hydraulic design of bridges.
3. Various modern large span bridges: Pre stressed bridges and launching process.
4. Visit of Railway bridges for rehabilitation.
5. Visit of Railway Over Bridges and Under Bridges.

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