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Friday, July 5, 2019

Internet and Web Technology (CS-504)
 B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


After completion of the course students will be able to
1.Describe the concepts of WWW including browser and HTTP protocol.
2.List the various HTML tags and use them to develop the user friendly web pages.
3.Define the CSS with its types and use them to provide the styles to the webpages at various levels.
4.Develop the modern web pages using the HTML and CSS features withdifferent layouts as per need of applications.
5.Use the JavaScript to develop the dynamic web pages.
6.Use server side scripting with PHP to generate the web pages dynamically using the database connectivity.
7.Develop the modern Web applications using the client and server sidetechnologies and the web design fundamentals.

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B.Tech RGPV notes AICTE flexible curricula Bachelor of technology


Introduction: Concept of WWW, Internet and WWW, HTTP Protocol : Request and Response, Web browser and Web servers, Features of Web 2.0 Web Design: Concepts of effective web design, Webdesign issues including Browser, Bandwidth and Cache, Display resolution, Look and Feel of the Web site, Page Layout and linking, User centric design, Sitemap, Planning and publishing website, Designing effective navigation

HTML :Basics of HTML, formatting and fonts, commenting code, color, hyperlink, lists, tables, images, forms, XHTML, Meta tags, Character entities, frames and frame sets, Browser architecture and Web site structure. Overview and features of HTML5

Style sheets : Need for CSS, introduction to CSS, basic syntax andstructure, using CSS, background images, colors and properties,manipulating texts, usingfonts, borders and boxes, margins, padding lists,positioning using CSS, CSS2, Overview and features of CSS3 JavaScript : Client side scriptingwith JavaScript, variables, functions, conditions, loops and repetition, Pop up boxes, Advance JavaScript: Javascript and objects, JavaScript own objects, the DOM and web browser environments, Manipulation using DOM, forms and validations,DHTML : Combining HTML, CSS andJavascript, Events and buttons

XML : Introduction to XML, uses of XML, simple XML, XML keycomponents, DTD andSchemas, Using XML with application. Transforming XML using XSL and XSLT PHP: Introduction and basic syntax of PHP, decision and looping with examples, PHP and HTML, Arrays, Functions, Browser control and detection, string, Form processing, Files, Advance Features: Cookies and Sessions, Object Oriented Programming with PHP

PHP and MySQL:Basic commandswith PHP examples, Connection to server, creating database, selecting a database, listing database, listing table names,creating a table, inserting data, altering tables, queries, deleting database, deleting data and tables, PHP myadmin and databasebugs


Books Recommended

1.Developing Web Applications, Ralph Moseley and M. T. Savaliya, Wiley-India
2.Web Technologies, Black Book, dreamtech Press
3.HTML 5, Black Book, dreamtech Press
4.Web Design, Joel Sklar, Cengage Learning
5.Developing Web Applications in PHP and AJAX, Harwani, McGrawHill
6.Internet and World Wide Web How to program, P.J. Deitel & H.M. Deitel , Pearson

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