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Because we are awesome!

Completely Free !!!

Yup, everything is free and all the files are uploaded to our super-fast servers so that they can be easily downloaded with high speed.

No Registration !!!

You don't have to register for accessing the files, all the files are free & universally accessible without any condition or restriction.

New Awesome Projects

We are continuously working on different projects to improve our user experience. We aim to make RGPV student-centric and more accessible.

Our services

Here are a few services to make your life easy.

Our Journey

How it all began.

Serial Number Time Description
1 2015 In the second quarter of 2015 Aditya Jain founded 3ngineeringnotes.blogspot.com.
2 26/02/2017 Shifted blog to a new domain: rgpvcbcs.blogspot.in.
3 23/03/2017 Designed a lame new logo.
4 25/03/2017 Dropbox policy changed, all old PDF links are private now, no can download via them. we are doomed !.
5 30/08/2017 We registered a DOT.TK domain rgpv.tk, Akash Chaubey Created a new logo <3 .
6 30/08/2017 Ankit joined us.
7 16/09/2017 After 10 hours of continuous work, finally created our cover video & uploaded it.
8 29/10/2017 Registered rgpvnotes.in on the occasion of Aditya Jain's birthday.
9 02/11/2017 Finally after some DNS mess, we connected our blog with new domain <3 .
10 12/02/2018 Finished developing automated bot & launching it on the birthday of our former team member miss Akshita Jain.
11 17/02/2018 Completed 100,000 visits.
12 12/03/2018 Created redirect.rgpvnotes.in for more attractive FB posts.
13 28/03/2018 Completed 200,000 visits.
14 18/04/2018 Completed 300,000 visits.
15 26/06/2018 Uploaded new theme at be.rgpvnotes.in.
16 06/07/2018 Launched Web Notification alert system.
17 10/02/2019 Updated code of BE, B.Tech & main domain. Relaunched Whatsapp Bot.
18 13/05/2019 Completed 2,300,000 visits on be.rgpvnotes.in.
19 12/07/2019 Completed 2,500,000 visits on be.rgpvnotes.in. We reset the stats to zero
20 12/10/2019 Shifted WWW and CDN from firebase to github. Registered on a service to monitor and notify us about downtime of our website.
21 10/01/2020 "Andhera kayam rahe" We finally finished our designing & today we are launching our dark-themed web-apps.

Our Amazing Team

The guys who make this happen.

Aditya Jain Indore

Late Aditya Jain


Ankit Shrivastav

Ankit Shrivastav

Former Team Member

Akash Chaubey

Akash Chaubey

Former Graphic Designer

We are always looking for some new members to add in our team so, If you think you can improve our work or have any suggestion we are just one email away ;) [email protected]