12015 In the second quarter of 2015 Aditya Jain founded 3ngineeringnotes.blogspot.com.
226/02/2017 Shifted blog to a new domain: rgpvcbcs.blogspot.in.
323/03/2017Designed a lame new logo.
425/03/2017 Dropbox policy changed, all old PDF links are private now, no can download via them. we are doomed !.
530/08/2017 We registered a DOT.TK domain rgpv.tk, Akash Chaubey Created a new logo ❤ .
630/08/2017Ankit joined us.
716/09/2017 After 10 hours of continuous work, finally created our cover video & uploaded it.
829/10/2017 Registered rgpvnotes.in on the occasion of Aditya Jain's birthday.
902/11/2017 Finally after some DNS mess, we connected our blog with new domain ❤ .
1012/02/2018 Finished developing automated bot & launching it on the birthday of our former team member miss Akshita Jain.
1117/02/2018Completed 100,000 visits.
1212/03/2018 Created redirect.rgpvnotes.in for more attractive FB posts.
1328/03/2018Completed 200,000 visits.
1418/04/2018Completed 300,000 visits.
1526/06/2018Uploaded new theme at be.rgpvnotes.in.
1606/07/2018Launched Web Notification alert system.
1710/02/2019 Updated code of BE, B.Tech & main domain. Relaunched Whatsapp Bot.
1813/05/2019 Completed 2,300,000 visits on be.rgpvnotes.in.
1912/07/2019 Completed 2,500,000 visits on be.rgpvnotes.in. We reset the stats to zero
2012/10/2019 Shifted WWW and CDN from firebase to github. Registered on a service to monitor and notify us about downtime of our website.
2110/01/2020 "Andhera kayam rahe" We finally finished our designing & today we are launching our dark-themed web-apps.